What is the Farming Team?

The Farming Team is a collaborative effort making the Australian farmer more profitable by bringing together the world’s best accounting software and on-farm production apps into an integrated data ecosystem. Supported by innovative price verification platforms and connecting the farmer with expert advisors and agri-banking service providers, The Farming Team collaboration has the foundation for  Australian farmers to excel in business for generations to come. 

The Farming Team Collaboration

The Farming Team Data Ecosystem

What do we aim to achieve?

If we can make just one farmer more profitable for the long term, there will be a notable benefit for their family and the rural community they live in. If we can make 1,000 farmers more profitable for the long term, the positive impact for the whole industry and for the rural communities right across Australia will be enormous. 

"A rising tide lifts all boats".

~ John F Kennedy, 1963 ~

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Don't have the tools to make smart business decisions
  • We inherited clunky legacy accounting software
  • Production plans are not reflected in my financials
  • None of my apps are integrated so have to re-key data
  • Not sure how much we should be paying for our inputs
  • Short on options when selling our grain or livestock
  • Pulling together a budget for the bank is hard work
  • Our accountant does not support these new apps
  • We need some business advice not just tax advice
  • Our agribanker doesn't understand our business

If they do, the Farming Team is here to assist you!


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